As most of you saw, today we gave out a TON of Lady Gaga tickets! We were pressed with time since the big show is THIS Thursday. So we brought the tickets to you!

If you subscribed to our YouTube channel, you would of noticed that at exactly 5:00 PM, I posted a video showing you where in the world I was! Then the race was on as it was 1st come 1st served for the tickets!

I was parked right next to the fountains in downtown Shreveport, and I have to say, I underestimated our awesome listeners! I thought forsure I would still have tickets left over by 6:00. Nope, not the case! In fact, we were totally out of tickets by 5:20!

You guys are too good. We'll have to make it a little harder next time!

Here's the gallery of our awesome winners!