At the Robinson Film Center's Backlot Gala is this weekend, you'll be treated like a celebrity. And you may even get to rub elbows with a real celebrity.

The Robinson Film Center's "Festival of Festvals" is Saturday, May 10. Bossier City's own Kevin Rahm will be in attendance and will help with some of the night's festivities, like leading the live auction at 9 p.m.

Rahm stars on AMC's "Mad Men" as Ted Chaough, Don Draper's nemesis-turned-partner. He grew up in Bossier City and graduated from Loyola College Prep. After graduation, he attended Brigham Young University.

Before Mad Men, Rahm was a regular on "Desperate Housewives", "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" and "Judging Amy." Later this year he will appear in a movie called "Nightcrawler", alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.

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