This is downright scary. I guess, after James Holmes killed twelve people and wounded dozens more in an Aurora, Colorado theater, anything is possible. Scott A. Smith, 37, was arrested after carrying a duffle bag full of weapons into a theater showing The Dark Knight Rises this past Saturday in Westlake, Ohio.

According to NBC News, Smith sat in the middle of the back row and was found with not only a gun, but three knives and another knife on his person. He aroused the suspicions of an off-duty police officer and theater manager by carrying in a large beige satchel.

This event follows last month's tragic shooting during the showing of the same movie in Aurora, Colorado. The suspect, James Holmes, was apprehended after killing 12 people and wounding many more. He was charged with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.

Big props to the theater staff and cops in Westlake, Ohio for recognizing the creep for what he was.