This is something you simply have to see. I urge you to clear your schedule for the next 10 minutes so you can take this all in!

We have a husband and wife expecting a child any day now. They just didn't realize how quick'y they'd become parents. So, her water breaks and they know, it's go time. Well, the dad thinks it's more than go-time, he thinks it's GoPro time.

So he get's his GoPro out and they they hop in the car on a 15 minute ride to the hospital.

The GoPro capture's everything you would expect after a mom's water breaks. PURE INSANITY. The car ride may be the most intense scene in YouTube's history.

Then, the insanity kicks up a notch. As they reach the hospital, she proclaims that "It's head is out!"

Holy crap.

So what do they do? This GoPro carrying legend proceeds to deliver his baby right then and there outside the hospital.

Wearing a GoPro the entire time! Don't worry, the actual delivery is censored!

Enjoy & share!