Michael Childs, the man who purportedly left a hilarious voice mail message of him providing a play-by-play description of a car accident and describing how a group of four old women beat up a man who hit their car, has Shreveport roots.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Childs is an Airline High School graduate. The current Arlington, Texas resident also lists one year at Louisiana State University Shreveport under his education experience.

Here's a partial transcript of the hilarious voicemail message, which lasts over three minutes:

Whoa! Whoa! Man, I just had a wreck right in front of me. This guy ran a red light and hit four old ladies in an Impala. Just kind of clipped them and turned them around right in front of me. Man, that was close. Oh not this guy's getting out of his car. He's got a white shirt on with a tie and cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He's throwing his hands up in the air like it was their fault. He's going over to their window. She's rolling down the window. Oh man! I think she sprayed him with pepper spray, man! He's on his face and on his knees. She's getting out, now she's beating him with an umbrella!

According to Snopes, the call was posted online in 2005 and was eventually traced back to Michael Childs. In an interview, Childs revealed that the accident had actually occurred years earlier in Athens, Texas where he was working at the time.

No additional proof is available to prove or disprove Childs' assertion that he was the guy who left the hilarious voicemail message.

We've reached out to Mr. Childs in an effort to get him to discuss the accident, but have yet to get a response.