This is either a guy with really bad luck, or really good video editing skills. We got a diver in Australia jumping off some rocks with his GoPro. Just normal water diving, nothing too crazy. Well, until he landed directly next to a shark. This is not an ordinary shark, this is a GREAT WHITE.

Could you imagine?? We're talking face to face with a beast! He actually had no clue what he had jumped in to until his friend (on land) yelled that there was a shark near him.

BUT. Yes, there's always a but. 14 million views later, reports are now that the video is fake. It does look very real, and he did a great job faking it, if that's truly the case. The more you watch the video, the more it seems they are just acting, and acting horribly... Who knows!

You decide! Warning, S-word at the end of the video.