Massachusetts is New England's cultural powerhouse, but never has it gotten the rave reviews comedy group Ylvis has given the commonwealth in a new song released this week.

The group's anthem praises Massachusetts for being better than California or nearby New York and for being the 14th largest state in the nation.

It also sarcastically talks about the many things that make Massachusetts "the paradise on Earth", like how it's a cultural melting pot (Massachusetts is 84% white, compared to the national average of 78%).

Plus, Massachusetts isn't the easiest of states to spell...

Ylvis recently gained national fame for their song "What Do The Fox Say?" and have a whole series of other comedy videos online.

What would be some things that could be put in a song about all the great things about Louisiana, Texas, or Arkansas?

P.S.: Some random Massachusetts facts for your general knowledge... Suffolk County is pretty much just Boston itself.  Haverhill is pronounced 'hav-rill'.