MAN ALIVE! It has been a wild ride and it's not over yet! We still have the final weekend of bals and parades this weekend, but serving this year as the Duke and Duchess of Lagniappe Atlas IV has been a blast! Keith and I were honored to be asked to serve by Captain Eric Heyob and for that, he has our eternal gratitude. We've had a wonderful time getting to know the rest of the royal court and have made friendships I know will stand the test of time! However, it's been a short Mardi Gras season, which means it's been jam packed with events and we are TIRED! It's a good tired though! We had so much fun at the grand bal Friday night and would like to thank all of our family and friends who came to support us. It truly means the world. Friday night was a cumulative effort of months of planning and our Krewe did an amazing job! We love you and thank you so much for the experience! Below are some of the pictures I found on Facebook from Friday night. Thanks for taking pictures because at the end of the night, I realized, I hadn't taken a single shot!!! Can't wait to throw you something this Sunday at the Highland Parade!