Mel Gibson had another meltdown, this time with screen writer, Joe Eszterhas. Mel Gibson felt the first draft of a script should have been in his hands when he exploded into a fit of rage against the writer. A recording has surfaced of the rant in which Mel is heard saying "I go to work, you’re getting paid, I’m not! S**t! I am earning money for a filthy little c**ksucker who takes advantage of me! Just like every motherf**ker!" Mel spews the F word at least seven times, and then just totally loses it, screaming "who wants to eat? Who the f**k wants to eat?, f**king c**t, c**ksucker whore."

According to the Mayo Clinic, people suffering from bipolar disorder can experience poor judgement, rapid speech, aggressive behavior, agitation, irritation. The disorder can be treated with medication.