Congrats to Melissa Kingery! She told us about her crazy Last Friday Night and she's won her way to see Katy Perry this Thursday night at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, TX! She gets pit passes so she's up close and personal with Katy during the show AND she gets her hotel taken care of by Capitol Records! We've listed her winning story and audio below!

Here's what it sounded like when Melissa found out she won!

well i have a story for the record books about my last friday night, after picking up my boyfriend from a friends house after a long night of drinking, i couldnt help but make fun of him due to his condition. turns out the joke was on me when i was abruptly awoken by my father at 3:00am informing me that Jesse, the boyfriend, had made his way into their bedroom, and proceeded to urinate all over both parents and and pass out on top of them and the mess. my mom threatened to rub his nose in it and beat him with a shoe! there is absolutly no way i can make this up, i have facebook status's and a new matress receipt to verify.