I know it's because of The Voice, but I think I'm a little in love with Blake Shelton. Not like all obsessive or anything like that, just minor crushin'. See, I didn't really know much about Blake before The Voice and he comes across as a big 'ole sweetie. And I mean big! Have you seen the pictures of him standing next to the other judges? Christina and Adam almost look like elves or pixies next to him! Either way, he got hitched this weekend to fellow country singer Miranda Lambert and everything I've heard about her in the past makes me like her as well. This is one celebrity couple I really want to see make it! Let's face it, they could have been married any where but they chose to get married in Texas. You go Miranda! Represent your home state. I know the morning show was picking on them for serving all game meat and such but dang, let 'em get down to their roots. Deer is good if it's done well. I would have paid money to see what Cee-Lo Green chose to eat at dinner though! So, with all that being said, congrats to the newlyweds from your new pop convert, Ms. Bristol! If you want to read more about the particulars of the wedding you can do so by clicking here for the story from MSN's Wonderwall.