You have to see this. I've never seen anything like it. I've dabbled in the paper airplane world, and the best throw I've ever got out of it, is maybe 5 feet.

This guy's name is unkown, but you can just call him "Lord of All Things Paper Planes". This guy is some kinda paper guru. A paper engineer. This man is more accurate with a paper plane at long distance than a sniper assassin. In the time it takes a regular man to make a paper plane, he's already made his and threw it 700 yards. He laughs at humanity and their paper plane making talents.

My point is, this guy is the real deal. Disregard any thought of an amazing paper plane throw, becuase this guy topped them all. Big time.

During a soccer match versus England & Peru, this paper plane maniac launched his aircraft onto the field and hit an oppising player! Oh, and he did it from the NOSE BLEEDS!

See it, believe it, share it.

See what it looked like on television here.