What is this world coming to? I just read a story that said American's would rather lose their wedding ring than their cell phone. Maybe I'm wrong here, but your wedding ring represents a once in a lifetime moment of commitment to the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with... To have and to hold, till death do you part. Since when did a cell phone rank higher than that?

Unbelievable, right? I mean, you back your cell phone up, it can be replaced. Where's the romance? Is Angry Birds more important than your significant other? It turns out mobile computing devices are not only more important to vacationing Americans that wedding rings, it's also more important than your personal hygiene. According to the survey they use, travelers would go without personal care items, shoes, etc... before giving up room in their suitcase for their tablets, etc... In fact, they even say 87 percent of young adults report feeling happier when traveling with a lap top, tablet or cell phone. What ever happened to people watching or actually having a conversation with the one you're with? Hmm!