Hello! I took Friday off, so I'm all back and refreshed from a nice three day weekend where I enjoyed myself at the first Tri State Dressage Society Show of the year at Holly Hill Equestrian Center in Benton where my big boy, Paisano, and I won Champion in the Intro Amateur division! I'm pretty proud of my big guy! He's been off for months due to lameness issues (and the really nasty winter weather we've had this year) and we were really pushing it getting ready and making sure we were fit enough to do this show. I've owned Paisano for about 18 months now and I just love him. His name means 'brother' or 'coutryman' in Italian, which basically translates to 'homie'... and this horse is def my 'homie!' He came to me via a trainer in Carencro, LA who was marketing him for another trainer based in Florida. My mom found him on Dream Horse and we immediately bugged the snot out of Katie, one of my trainers at Double Rainbow, to call and see if we could try him out. He ended up being trailered to DREC in Haughton... The day he was supposed to return to Florida! As you can tell, we didn't call them to come back and get him, he came home with me;) Paisano is a Royal Dutch Warmblood imported from Europe. I know, fancy, right? He's one of the fanciest ponies I've ever had the honor of riding. I'm like a little girl with her first pony! Except, he's not really a pony... He's just shy of 17 hands, so he's HUGE! Either way, I had to brag on him a bit... Even though, truth being told, we were the only entries to compete in all three tests for the division... so we HAD to win Champion, but still, we're taking it to the bank!!! And to think, before we found him I was seriously considering quitting riding!

Looking out over the Holly Hill Cross Country Course this past weekend... Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?