There are three new movies in theaters this weekend. The "Carrie" remake is up against the Stallone-Schwarzenegger movie "Escape Plan" and the WikiLeaks thriller "The Fifth Estate".

Based on the book by Stephen King this horror remake is about a telekinetic girl who unleashes her power on her classmates at the senior prom. The original movie made in 1976 is a classic that starred Sissy Spacek. In the remake Julianne Moore plays Carries religiously fanatical mother.

Sylvester Stallone is a security expert who busts out of prisons for a living to test their security flaws. But when he's betrayed by a client and locked in a top secret location, he has to rely on his new cellmate, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to help him escape.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in a thriller about how he helped create the site for whistleblowers to anonymously leak information about corporate crimes and eventually, covert military operations.