Recently, I found a study that ranked various states by the size of their winkies and you'll be happy to know that Louisiana is ranked 7th in the country!

According to Condomania, who launched TheyFit Condoms in 2004 (it's a condom that comes in 76 sizes), Wyoming is the state with the smallest man parts. They should know, they've been shipping their various condom sizes for nearly a decade.

Condomania boasts they have sold the specialty, size-tailored line to over 27,000 men in 70 countries, so they know where the XXL rain coats are going. As it turns out, New Orleans earns the BIG in big easy.

According to Condomania's research, New Orleans ranks first in the world for 'packages.' Ironically, they're followed by Washington D.C. Can't find any problems with their research on that one. BTW, the lowest ranking city by size is Dallas. So next time you're thinking of getting out of town for the weekend, you might want to point your car south if size matters! Who Dat with the largest tool? NOLA!

Here are the results:

The top 5 states with the largest average when it comes to a man's nether regions are:

#1) New Hampshire

#2) Oregon

#3) New York

#4) Indiana

#5 Arizona

And now, the states with the smallest average size man junk are:

#1) Wyoming

#2) Utah

#3) Montana

#4) Alaska

#5) West Virginia

The study found that 25 percent of men are smaller than five inches, 50 percent are between five and six inches and 25 percent are longer than six inches.

On the flip side, the largest dudes are longer than 10 inches in length, while the smallest have got less than three inches in their pants. Sadly, I can name names.