Nickelback seems to be the band everyone loves to hate. I don't get it. They've never been my favorite, but I've never hated them. I think Kidd on the morning show goes to the extreme to make fun of them. But the truth is, someone likes them, because they sell an a$$load of albums. Their latest album, Here and Now,  hit shelves yesterday and it's expected to be the top seller of the week. Here and Now is Nickelback's seventh studio album and if it does anything like their previous releases, we'll be hearing Nickelback singles on the radio for the next year. So I say long live Nickelback! It could be worse... They could be Creed. (Whom, by the way, I'm still a fan of, but j/s!)

Either way, I needed a laugh today, so check out Nickelback's response to the citizens of Detroit who said they didn't want them during the halftime show of the Lions/Packers game on Thanksgiving. The guys at Funny Or Die ROCK! Watch out for strong language!