As you know, we have seven horses. No rain means no hay. People are already spending $12 a bale at Serio's. We feed at least two bales a hay between all seven. You do the math. With the lack of rain, hay could easily be $20+ a bale by December... if there's any to be had at all. This is just what we're facing personally. I can't imagine what farmers are doing to combat the heat, much less people with more livestock than us. How is the lack of rain affecting you? Another August day, another heat record. We did a little checking about rain and heat and we were quite surprised by what we found:


Another record hot day on August 16th when we climbed to 107. The previous record was 104. The record for August 17th is 106 and we could surpass that later today. The old record was set back in 1951.

We did a little checking to see when we got the last significant rainfall. The last time we got more than one inch of rain in Shreveport Bossier was way back on April 26th when we got almost 2" of rain. Let's look at the numbers for the summer:

JUNE 22nd .91

JUNE 30TH .42

JULY 4TH .71

JULY 5TH .21

JULY 24TH .57

JULY 28TH .26

We have had no measurable rainfall in August!!