Last week, a Seattle woman called police to report that she had been assaulted… with a Frisbee! The woman alleges that she was out jogging when she came across three men in their 20s playing with the toy. After making eye-contact with one of them, the victim says that he threw the Frisbee directly at her, hitting her in the thigh. Later that day, the three men drove by her home, which prompted her to call police. The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that police looked into the incident but have since stopped investigating.

Nothing says "Hey baby, come talk to me." Like a frisbee in the thigh. What if he was just a REALLY bad shot with a frisbee? b/c hitting a girl who was running in the thigh? Not an easy shot. Definately not something I could have pulled off on purpose.
Shout out to the Police though. I would be p-o'ed if they wasted time chasing the frisbee bandit instead of I dunno looking for drug dealers and murders.