As you know Justin Timberlake is performing the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year, and he has been releasing new music in recent weeks. While rumors of an 'NSYNC reunion have already been shot down by several members of the group, there have been sightings of the guys in Minnesota where the game is being held this weekend! So far it has not been confirmed if a reunion will happen during the Super Bowl halftime show this is wishful thinking by fans or a sign of something big for this weekend.

Obviously, Timberlake is there for the show, but TMZ is reporting that Joey Fatone is in town for appearance events. It has also been rumored that the rest of the group has been seen around town. Lance Bass posted a picture of him skiing on Wednesday but has since disappeared. Could they really all be in town for the Super Bowl?

If this is actually happening it's one of the best kept secrets in the industry but regardless it's bringing lots of hype for the halftime show.

Joey told us this past summer that the guys have been together for several events recently but so far no performances. Check out our interview below with Joey Fatone last summer before he came to Shreveport for Geek'd Con.