When I started falling in love with my boyfriend, I instantly fell in love with his girls too. One of them, is a cancer patient and has a brain tumor. So, when she gets sick, even a fever that most parents can treat with motrin and tylenol, she has to be placed under careful observation in the hospital. Such an event happened last week.

It was my second time being with her and her dad in the hospital. Every day, I would leave work so I could be by their side. I met many kids that are also there when they should be decorating their tree and writing lists to Santa Claus...and it's children like her that we are helping with Operation Santa Claus.

It's hard on everyone when you are less fortunate or in the hospital. I can tell you first hand that it is especially draining being in a small room, even in the best care. It's stressful and kids get really stir crazy and when you're able to give them a smile through all their treatment, fear and frustration, you are helping a lot more than you can possibly imagine. So, please check our site and find where you can donate to Operation Santa Claus. You have no idea the impact you are making.