It only took 24 hours, but I've finally dried out and recovered from my indulgence of Red's Apple Ale from Patty in the Plaza Saturday.

So, yeah, the weather sucked. But it's north Louisiana, so it wasn't the first time I've weathered a festival in a monsoon. I opted to arrive early and beat the impending rainfall, which proved to be a smart decision.

Though the Molly Ringwald's weren't able to put on a full show, what they did was awesome. I even made a new friend and was happy to make his first concert a memorable experience. Chase, one of my friend's kids who I guess was about 10, rocked it out on the rail with me. I don't know that his father appreciated me teaching him how to throw devil horns, but the lesson in how to properly jump in rhythm to "Jump" was invaluable.

And who is this band Caravan and how have I not heard of them? They performed a great mix of 80s, 90s and current top 40 - definitely on my list to see again when the opportunity presents itself.

The Matthew Davidson Band opened and is a very talented and impressive bunch of young guys - an up-and-coming group for sure. I mean I can't play my Rock Band guitar behind my head.

My only regret is that I did not take a turn in the bounce house. But then again, bounce house plus green beer probably wouldn't have ended well.

Kristi Martin is an award-winning journalist, professional blogger, music junkie and native of northwest Louisiana. Follow her on Twitter @writtennred.