This is absolutely insane, and coming from a Louisianian, that's saying something.

Growing up down here, you learn to live with alligators. Shoot, they're practically everywhere. There is, however, one simple rule you must follow when coming across a gator. That rule is, of course, don't go anywhere near it.

One pro golfer has apparently never heard of that rule.

Cody Cribble, from Dallas, TX, was competing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational yesterday, when he came acrross a water beast near a hazard.

To everyone's surprise, the alligator was just kind of chilling next to the water.

Cody was having none of this.

So he walked up to the gator, casually smacks it on it's tail, and it scooted off into the water.

Even alligators know to not mess with Texas.