Kristi Johnston at the Shreveport Times who (I'm informed) broke the original story of one mans desire to stop all joy of going out in public while wearing pajamas. Has an update. The Caddo Commissioner is still at it!

Lets pick his story from The Shreveport Times apart shall we?

At one point the commissioner says "I’m not the fashion police."

Yet at another point: "If it’s pajamas today, it’s underwear tomorrow and Victoria’s Secret next.”

You yourself may not be the fashion police but if you pass a law you're making the Caddo Sheriff's office and the Shreveport Police Department be the fashion police. I'd rather them be on patrol than at Wal-Mart passing out tickets to people wearing PJs.

I counter: If it's a pajama ban today, it's blue jeans overalls and short bans next.


Commissioner Williams: "Are we going to let a generation tell us what to do?"

The times 'He said he and several elderly customers were offended by the sight of the men’s private parts through the thin clothing.'

First of all elderly customers and Commissioner Williams all complaining about a man wearing pj's an older generation telling us there needs to be a law outlawing pajamas? ....... You don't say....

Secondly, I'm no lawyer (I'm not even that good of a radio DJ) but I'm pretty sure if I run around naked outside I'll be arrested and hauled off to jail.

In fact from the Shreveport Times story: "District 8 Commissioner John Escude said" ...“We already have indecency laws, state and local, on the books."


I stand by my original analogy I made about a buffet line that I was told was gross. So I made up a slightly less gross analogy.

If I go to a restaurant and I see some employee spitting in my food, do we outlaw all restaurants? No!

If on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I want to go to the store and get a bag of pizza rolls should I get up take a shower, get dressed which may take 20 minutes. Get in the car drive to the store buy a bag of pizza rolls which may take all of 5 minutes to do. Or do I want to walk out the door confidently get in my car drive to Wal-Mart and stride to the frozen food section in my American flag pajama pants?!?!

A grown man walking in Wal-Mart wearing pajamas.

Madness? No ... THIS IS AMERICA!