Kidd Kraddick in the Morning personality 'Psycho' Shanon Murphy is awake and moving following surgery to remove a brain tumor. Show mate Kellie Rasberry visited Shanon in the hospital, where she quickly learned Shanon's sense of humor has not been diminished by her health crisis. 

In an update on Shanon's condition, Kellie Rasberry said:

Shanon just got back in her hospital bed, fresh from doing an extremely slow lap around the hospital floor. She’s not sure how she feels about it, but I’m digging her new haircut. They let her keep her hair that was shaved off for the surgery, but when she asked the doctor if she could keep the tumor in a jar, he said no. She’s about to show me a picture of it, instead. They removed her tumor but they left her sense of humor! She’s so disappointed that she’s not going on the Kidd’s Kids trip, so please keep her lifted up in your prayers as she continues to heal!

Shanon also shared a graphic picture of her surgery scar on her personal Facebook page, which you can see below. She called it: "My new do."

Friends and family continue to ask Kidd Kraddick in the Morning fans to keep Shanon in their thoughts and prayers.