Louisiana Film Prize Festival is October 9 through 12. Here's a closer look at one of the Top 20 films, "Mother's Day."
"Mother's Day" is a thriller directed by James Nimmers. We asked him a few questions about his short film.
What is your film about?
"Mother's Day" captures an instant when the ordinary becomes the unthinkable. A moment of fury has sent Clyde's world off the rails, challenging his life with the woman who loves him. What kind of man will Clyde become as his new reality unfolds, and will Susan survive the darkness that now threatens them both? Reginald Hayes and Shanna Forrestall star in this suspenseful thriller that explores the costs and complexity of love.
What kind of message are you trying to get across in your film?
You don't need strong language, sex and a bunch of special FX to tell a great story.
Where in Northwest Louisiana did you film?
The film was shot in the Broadmoore area of Shreveport because it had a historical, family-like atmosphere. I wanted to capture a feeling of normalcy for the setting, because the story has nothing normal about it. I liked the contrast of the typical family-life setting for this atypical story.
What were your impressions about Northwest Louisiana, specifically the Shreveport-Bossier area?
I live here in Northwest Louisiana. Ruston. All of my crew have Shreveport ties that we are proud of. My impression of Northwest LA, is that there is talent here.
Would you film in this area again?
$50,000 is on the line! What do you plan on doing with the money if you win?
Shoot a feature film in Shreveport, using an all local crew.
Why should someone vote for your film?
Because it's Dark, Surprising, and Gripping. Not what you expect. I think of it as transcending the obvious. I like films that are intriguing and grab your attention from start to finish. This film stays true to the philosophy.
Additional thoughts:
It is my belief that if you set goals for yourself and work towards accomplishing them, then success will follow. It doesn't take an Academy Award Winning artist to have a vision or a dream. You just have to get up and do it. Put in the work and don't wait for things to happen; make them happen. The result will be something wonderful! - James Nimmers