I'm going to leave all of the football politics out of this... It's going to be hard... even though I think they'll Reggie Bush him... Ugghh!!! Enough! That's all I'll say on that! The rumor is on the interwebs that former Auburn QB, now with the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton, is dating hip hop princess Ciara! As in my goodies, my goodies, my goodies, not your goodies, Ciara! In fact, some reports have them getting serious! Some people call her a jersey chaser, but as long as she doesn't turn into a Kardashian, I won't sling that particular brand of mud her way. Now, Cam on the other hand, reportedly has a girlfriend named Natalian Carr. So, depending on who you believe, he's either moved on, he's two-timing Natalian or just chillin' as friends with Ciara. For the record, I don't believe the just chillin' option. Just sayin'.