Super Bowl ads are meant to get people talking, and soda giant Coca-Cola's "It's Beautiful" ad has done just that. But maybe not in the way the company was hoping.

The video portrays Americans singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages -- which, if you dislike people from foreign countries who live in the US and those of different races, means the ad is the worst thing ever and that the soda company is a supporter of terrorism.

The negative reaction to the suggestion that a good deal of American citizens may not have been born here and can speak a language other than English was readily apparent on Facebook and Twitter. People jumped on both social media websites to spew hate toward Coke, the commercial and - yes - various ethnic groups represented in the Super Bowl ad.

Some Facebook users said things like "No more coke products for my household" and "one simply does NOT sing America the Beautiful in ANY language but English! Get on board, or get OUT!"

Meanwhile, Twitter users who hated the commercial chose the hashtag #F__kCoke to mark their anger and hatred.

A Tumblr has cropped up in the very short amount of time since the commercial aired, featuring a compilation of some of the worst online comments regarding the ad. Just a warning: most of the language there is NSFW.

One last thing to remember: the US has no legally-recognized official language.

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