I know they want us to post about what's going on in pop culture and about community events going on around the SBC here, but some days I just don't get that deep. I know I'm supposed to be all up on TomKat and why they settled so quickly, but I'm random. I get slightly ADD, even though I've never been diagnosed. Plus, some days I can't MAKE myself care about TomKat. I'm obsessed with the minutia of my own life and frankly, questions keep coming up... Like, why am I so darn ashy when it's so flipping humid out? I guess it has something to do with air conditioning and whatnot, but what gives? The construction on Bellevue Road has been done for what seems like two weeks at least and they still haven't upped the speed limit. And why do my dogs INSIST on eating from the cat's litter box when they have tasty dog food available. I read the dog food bag and it promises a healthy glow. I swear, if the same claims were on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner, I'd snatch it up without thinking in the dollar store. So why won't they eat it? Heck, I might even give it a try. It might help give me a healthy glow and clear up my ashy-ness. And why does everyone seem to have Tom's shoes but me? Perhaps because they don't offer them for sale at Target or Walmart? I can't remember the last time I went shopping just to go shopping. It's too darn depressing. Who wants to shop when you know you'll be paying 21% interest on it for the next five years? It kind of takes all of the fun out of it. See!?! I told you I was random. For the record, I'm not really bumming about the Tom's... Mary in promotions has a pair and was just singing their praises. They're so comfortable and socially conscious. I'm in heels today and right now, comfort and social consciousness sounds pretty good! Plus, they're way cuter than Crocs. Cros, in my humble opinion, are truly horrific. Yet, I wore jellies as a child. Let me rephrase. I never owned a pair of jellies. I wore my friend's. My mom wouldn't let me have jellies. She said they were bad for your feet. No arch support or some nonsense like that. I'd like to know when fashion has had anything to do with arch support? And I wonder why I was a total nerd growing up. Oh wait... yeah... I think I'll end on that note. I'm totally depressed now. I think I'll eat. Oh wait, nevermind, I figured out my body fat composition this morning and that was NOT PRETTY. We'll save those thoughts for another day!