• 21

    Painting the Mudbug Festival Mural

    The Mudbug Madness mural is looking for some little Picassos to help make it amazing. If you have an artistic bone in your body, it's a great way to show it off.

    LWT Gunnersbury Triangle, Flickr
  • 22

    Face Painting for Kids

    Children love to pretend they're living out a crazy adventure, so make sure your little ones are ready for pretend time.

    lindsey gee, Flickr
  • 23

    Speed Pitch, Rock Wall Climb + More

    There's no shortage of fun stuff for kids to do at Mudbug Madness. There's stuff to jump on, hang off and play with.

    Amanda Currier
  • 24

    You Could Meet Someone Special!

    We're not going to pretend chowing down on crawfish and jumping around to some great music are typical romantic activities. However, if you see a cute guy or gal at Mudbug Madness at least you know you both already have a couple things something in common!

  • 25


    Everybody loves beer. Combine it with some spicy crawfish and corn on the cob and you've got the best dish you can find at a Louisiana festival.

  • 26

    It's a Celebration of Louisiana Culture

    Mudbug Madness has everything that makes Louisiana, well, Louisiana. It's hard not to remember the great things we enjoy every day when they are all right at our fingertips for an entire weekend.

    sandy.zieba, Flickr
  • 27

    Free Shuttle Service!

  • 28

    Children Under 12 Get in Free

    If you've got kids, you're good to go -- as long as they are under 12!

  • 29

    Trini Triggs

    National country music act Trini Triggs will be rocking and rolling at Mudbug Madness. In the meantime, check out some of his music and videos.

  • 30

    Your Only Chance to Celebrate Mudbug Madness' 30th Anniversary!

    You only turn 30 once. It's the same for Mudbug Madness. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy the above 29 things + more.