The London Olympic 2012 games are on and I've spent the weekend glued to Live Extra on my iPad. Would it kill someone to air the equestrian portion live on TV? 

Redneck Dressage - Open

Redneck Dressage - Part Deux

Redneck Dressage - Part Trois - Trail Riding

Redneck Dressage - Part Quatre - 50 Shades

Redneck Dressage - Part Cinq - Work

Redneck Dressage - QUALIFYING

As I sit at work and watch the XC portion of the Olympics on my iPad, I’m inspired! A 19 year old horse, Lenamore, representing New Zealand, really kicked butt today on Cross Country (53.80), after a nice dressage score over the weekend (52.20).

It gives me all kinds of hope for me and my big guy, Paisano. He’s an 18 year old Royal Dutch Warmblood and he’s amazing. He’s a ‘been there, done that’ kinda guy and his job before me was jumping. He’s fine with dressage, but he loves jumping. In fact, Julie Norman, our trainer took him across a few fences yesterday and God love him, afterwards he was the cheeriest horse I’ve ever seen. He actually had the nerve to look insulted we only asked him for 2’3”. One of these days, it’ll be me. One of these days!

For now, we are concentrating on qualifying for the year end Tri State Dressage Society Championships with the incomparable Sally O’Connor. We have one more chance to get a qualifying score and we’ll go for it at the K-9 show Labor Day weekend. We received our first of the two needed 60+ qualifying scores in March, but due to one unforeseen set back after another, we haven’t competed since. That means we’ll be putting in a lot of early morning training rides to prepare and beat the heat. Our goal this year iss to qualify at training level and darn it, we’re going to give it our best shot! I guess I’ll have to set up a few jumps in the mean time to keep Pai happy;) Do you think it would be tacky to purchase a case of the ‘Dressage is #1’ foam fingers in advance of the show?

Check out video of Lenamore with rider Caroline Powell here! It's around 1:20

Dressage is #1 Foam Fingers