"Resident Evil: Retribution", the latest entry in the horror series, ruled this weekend's box office with a take of $21 million.The 3D re-release of "Finding Nemo" opened in second place, taking in $17.5 million, while "The Possession" fell to third after a two-week run at No. 1 with $5.8 million.

Here's the top ten.

"Resident Evil: Retribution," $21M
"Finding Nemo 3D," $17.5M
"Possession," $5.8M
"Lawless," $4.2M
"ParaNorman," $3M
"Expendables 2," $3M
"The Words," $2.8M
"Bourne Legacy," $2.8M
"Odd Life of Timothy Green," $2.5M
"The Campaign," $2.4M