Rihanna hit the stage in Adelaide, Australia to a chorus of boos after arriving an hour and a half late Thursday.

The Australian Press reports that Rihanna greeted her fans by saying, "Adelaide, what the [expletive], I'm finally here. And I now remember how crazy my Australian fans are."

Fans quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustration, with one fan tweeting, "Not impressed with Rihanna at all. Left concert without seeing her and she was over an hour and a half late."

Another wrote, "Thanks for a disappointing show last night... as if Adelaide doesn't suck enough already.... late."

But the negative reactions didn't seem to faze Rihanna, who tweeted, "ADELAIDE Thank you so much!!!"

This latest incident comes only two days after the singer allegedly showed up late to the first show of her Australian tour in Perth, where critics noted that she seemed to be slurring her words.