Rihanna pulled a diva stunt that ticked off the producers of SNL. Rihanna performed on the show but called in sick to the dress rehearsal just hours earlier. The dress rehearsal is considered part of the actual show and is done live in front of the studio audience, but RiRi couldn’t be bothered with it. She called in sick last minute so her choreographers had to take her place. Then she nonchalantly strolled in later and seemed completely fine. She was seen backstage eating an apple and tweeting Chris Brown a birthday message before going on stage. The producers were not impressed with her antics and said that they couldn’t even remember the last time someone skipped the dress rehearsal.

Rihanna’s rep claims that she really was sick. Her rep said that a doctor had to give her a shot of penicillin before the show and she was told to save her voice for the live performance.