Every season on Dancing with the Stars, it’s always rumored that contestants are hooking up with each other. One rumor this season is that Kristin Cavallari is hooking up with her partner Mark Ballas, but everyone also speculated there was a lot of love between him and Kirstie Alley last season too. So some of those may be rumors, but now there is a rat on Dancing with the Stars! Rob Kardashian is so used to baring his soul for his family’s reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ that sometimes he doesn’t know when to turn that honesty off. Radar Online obtained some audio where he revealed that there are definitely some contestants hooking up this season.. and they are married! He confessed that some married contestants and married professionals were hooking up! He was prodded to start naming some names, but Rob said he wouldn’t until someone put some money in his bank account. So maybe he has finally found a way to make some money without really working!

Listen to Rob Kardashian's interview here.

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