Don’t you just hate it when celebrities complain about the one thing that made them famous? Well Robert Pattinson says that he doesn’t understand the big deal about vampires. He said that he doesn’t get people’s fascination with them, especially since they are pale and ugly. He also whined that he didn’t get to portray Edward Cullen in the way that he wanted to. Edward is this ‘perfect guy’ but Robert wanted to play out his flaws. The directors shot down his ideas and said Edward had to remain perfect. He also complained that he is so famous that it’s difficult to find a place to live. He had to scope out his place to make sure that it was secluded enough that the paparazzi couldn’t peep in the windows or park outside. But he did manage to find a place that met his expectations. He just bought a swanky London pad and moved his girlfriend Kristen Stewart in.

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