The drama continue's with Ronnie and his baby momma/ on again off again girlfriend even after the camera's have stopped taping. TMZ reports that on Sunday afternoon Jen Harley was arrested for Domestic Battery following an incident with Ronnie.

TMZ reports that the pair was on their way home from a BBQ with their 2 month old in the back seat when they broke out into an argument. It's reported that Jen hit Ronnie in the face causing him to tell her to stop the car and let him out. Before Ron could get fully out of the car she took off dragging him because he was still stuck to his seat belt.

Earlier this month TMZ had reported they pair had another fight where Jen spit and hit Ron in the face and back in April the pair had a scary fight on Instagram live. This story is still developing but hopefully for the sake of their little girl they can learn to be civil with one another before things get worse.