I love this time of year. I remember standing my drive way, in my pajamas, waving at Santa as he drove by on the back of a fire truck. Of course, I was in light weight cotton pajamas since it's Louisiana and only rarely do we see anything vaguely resembling snow for Christmas!

Amanda Lindberg from Bossier Parish Fire Dist. 1 gives us the following information:

Be looking for Santa to come through your neighborhood this Saturday morning!

Haughton, LA, December 22, 2012: With the help of his firefighter elves, Santa will once again be making his much anticipated appearance in the Haughton area this Saturday! Santa will pull out from the “North Pole Fire Station” at approximately 0830 and began making his way through Haughton neighborhoods! When you hear the fire trucks sounding the alarm, make sure you step outside and catch a glimpse of Santa on top of the fire truck as he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!