When Selena Gomez stopped by our studios a few weeks ago, we informed her that her celebrity crush was back on the market. She’s admitted to having the hots for Jason Mraz so we had to let her know he was newly single after splitting from his fiancé. But apparently that’s not her only celebrity crush.


Selena’s friends told her that there was a fan backstage that wanted to meet her but when she walked in, it was Shia LeBeouf. Selena was completely star-struck by him! She told her friends that he was so handsome and she was so embarrassed for freaking out like she did. She exclaimed, ‘Now he thinks I’m crazy!’


But her boyfriend Justin Bieber has nothing to worry about. The couple was spotted shopping at a mall in New York earlier this week, and a source says they kept dropping the L-bomb to each other.


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