January 13, 2011

5. If you can figure out how to hack a celebrity's Facebook and Twitter, I hope you would use that access to do something more interesting than this. Selena Gomez fell victim to hackers, who got into her Twitter account and used the opportunity to Tweet, "JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!” That's power for you right there. But as for right now, we're all being warned not to click on Selena's pages just in case there are viruses connected to them. No problemo.

4. Rachel Zoe is having a baby boy! She and hubby Rodger Berman have confirmed it. A source says it was very hard for Rachel to get pregnant and she and Rodger are just over the moon about having a son. Rachel says she's been told to slow down a bit on her fast-paced career and lifestyle, but it's just so haaaaaaaaaaard. She says, "To be totally honest, it's kind of next to impossible when you're planning your show and launching your collection, and in the middle of award season." But one thing she has been too busy to do is stock up on baby clothes. She blames part of that on being supertitious, saying she's been sent a lot of gifts for the baby, but her team has been hiding them from her.

3. Kate Hudson is pregnant. Baby daddy is Matt Bellamy, the lead singer for Muse. Sources say it's an oopsie pregnancy, but that the couple is excited about it. Kate and Matt have been together about 9 months and she's reportedly 14 weeks along. Kate has a 7-year-old son from her previous marriage to Chris Robinson, who's since remarried and had another child.

2. Ryan Seacrest is about to pop the question. RadarOnline says they have it on good authority that he's already picked out a ring for Julianne Hough and -- since money is no object for Ryan -- it's about 5 carats. Ryan's in the process of planning the perfect proposal, but sources say it should happen within the next couple of months.

1. Charlie Sheen spent a wild and crazy weekend in Las Vegas, partying with porn stars. Sources say he was knocking back vodka treats and getting out of control. He was supposed to report to the set of "Two and a Half Men" yesterday, but he called in sick. His rep says Charlie woke up yesterday with an ear infection. Riiiiiiiiiight... But it turns out, this time the rep was actually telling the truth. Of course, Charlie may have been drunk as a skunk, too, but he did have a bad ear infection that was made worse when he took the plane from Vegas back to LA. A doctor for Warner Bros. made a house call, just to make sure. Sources say Charlie will be on the set for rehearsals today and that tomorrow's taping will happen, as scheduled.