How cool is this?!?!? This week on MTV, MMA fighters from the SBC were on Caged! The show takes viewers into the personal lives of amateur fighters. In other words, you don't have to be an MMA fan to watch it. It's not just the ring and training, it's drama, girlfriends, parents and baby momma drama! The fighters in the show are mainly from the Minden and Shreveport areas. According to the Shreveport Times,

"The world is going to get to see what really goes on with fighters and their real lives," said Will Broyles, co-producer of "Caged" and owner of Ring Rulers. "It's about regular guys who put their pants on one leg at a time and who have to deal with family and friends as they ascend and rise to the next level or fail and don't make it."

The fighters the show features mainly are from the Minden and Shreveport areas. Among them is Matt "Danger" Schnell, who decided to start training and competing in mixed martial arts after graduating in 2008 from Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport.

"It's nothing more than a competition to me," he said. "That's what really drove me to do it. I like everything about it. I like winning. I like training. I'm a competitor."