A Shreveport man has been arrested for trying to smuggle a cell phone into Caddo Correctional Center by hiding it in his rectal cavity.

In a news release, Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator revealed the details.

"22-year-old Anthony Alvey of the 2600 block of Highland Avenue was transferred from the Madison Detention Center to CCC on April 30. While going through the full body scanner in Booking, an unidentified object was detected on the scan," said Prator. "After a second body scan and a search of his person, Alvey admitted having a cell phone in his rectum. He was sent to University Health Center where he later removed the phone himself."

Alvey was arrested for bringing contraband into a penal facility.

According to Sheriff Prator, cell phones are prohibited at CCC because they prevent non-monitored outside contact with others where evidence could be tampered with or plans for criminal activity could be made or communicated.

Prator adds that banning them also prevents inmates from using an unmonitored phone to plan an escape, intimidate victims, contact witnesses, or give information on their movements outside the facility.

Full body scanners have been used at CCC since May 2013 when two machines were purchased for $384,000. All inmates entering the facility are scanned, and since the installation deputies have located knives, lighters, drug paraphernalia, and food items with the devices. This, however, is the first cell phone.

Below is a photo of Alvey's actual body scan.

Caddo Sheriff's Office photo