Come on!!! You can't be serious! But unfortunately, this is too true. Yesterday morning, YES, that would be Easter morning, a woman shot at a car after an altercation at the Wal*Mart on Shreveport Barksdale Highway.

How do you get to the spot to where you think it's okay to shoot at someone over them not getting out of  your way in a parking lot fast enough? On Easter morning of all days? Is your time truly that important or are you too lazy to park a few more spaces down or wait just a flipping second? Here's the story as reported by The Shreveport Times. I guess I just don't get it. Sure, there have been times I've seen red over small stuff, but I haven't actually ACTED on it. What a sad, sad situation. Thank GOD no one was injured. I'm sure the dude had to clean his shorts though. Honestly, I think we need to pray for her. Clearly, she has a lot going on. That and make sure you let everyone pass before you try to back into a parking spot at busy stores because you never know when some crazy will be behind you with a pistol. Heck, I met a listener at the Kelly Clarkson show who not only packs heat in her car but a baseball bat, too. I'm officially SCARED! Wal*Mart... Save money, live better... I bet this guy is pretty glad right now just being ALIVE! I should probably cool it. This chick is still out there. According to Fox 33, Shreveport Police are still looking for her. Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call Caddo-Shreveport Crime Stoppers at (318) 673-7373 or Shreveport Police Detectives at (318) 673-6955