Is it just me, or are our phones smarter than we are? One thing is for certain, if you're using your "Notes" like I am, you're doing it wrong.

Notes is a great feature on an iPhone and it's a simple concept: jot down what you need to remember and move on with your life. No need to dig around for a piece of scratch paper or a pen that probably doesn't have ink in it anyway.

However, a note is only as good as its author.

I scrolled through my Notes last night and found some problems. Maybe these are deep, resonating, psychological problems within my sub-conscience that need to be examined by a professional. But for now, I choose to laugh at myself.

First off, I am a note hoarder. There. I said it. I have countless notes to scroll through. Some are "To-Do" lists from when I was planning my wedding... last year. Some are grocery store lists from two months ago. And shockingly, I still need hand soap for the guest bathroom.

Secondly, half of my notes don't make any sense at all. One note has a number on it, too long to even be a phone number. I have three lists of ingredients for dishes I don't know how to make, nor know what they are supposed to look like once they're finished. I also found a note that is just titled "Home", without any content whatsoever.

And still, here I sit trying to figure out why I can't remember anything these days.

What "simple" apps on your phone are you using wrong?