I'll put this video in the "OH HELL NAW" category.

If there's one thing I hate on this planet, it's a red wasp. Now, if I had to name a second thing, without question it would be a spider. I guess the wasp tops the list at this time because it seems they are slowly, but surely taking over Shreveport-Bossier.

Still, spiders give me straight up nightmares, so thankfully, I'm not this news reporter.

Shannon Murray out of Dallas was doing a live report on FOX 4 outside of the DFW Airport. All of a sudden, you see the ferocious 4-legged beast climb up her arm.

Somehow, she doesn't break from the story in any way. A true pro in the midst of God's least popular creation.

Later, she said she felt something but didn't know what it was. She also gave credit to the spider for giving her Facebook page a big push.

Check it out!