Every week we try to Spread the Love for someone who needs it most. This week that person just so happen to be Kayla Madden.

Her friend, Whitney, nominated Kayla and her story hit us in a way we didn't expect. Kayla has two kids that have cystic fibrosis. Brinna is 13 years old and Clayton is 8 years old. Check out the video of us Spreading the Love for Kayla.

Special thank you to Tubbs Hardware & Cajun Gifts for allowing us to reward the Spread The Love nominee with an Extreme King Cake. We wish we could do more. Right now, Clayton is in need of a liver transplant. Kayla runs a Facebook page that is dedicated to sharing her family's story. Below is her most recent post.

We ask that you spread the word about Clayton's need for a new liver or visit their GoFundMe page.

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