It was the Fail heard 'round the world. Live on FOX, Steve Harvey named Miss Colombia as your 2015 Miss Universe.

One Problem.

Miss Colombia was actually 1st Runner Up.

She was crowned on the spot and began crying while waving to the crowd. Off-stage, Steve quickly realized what he had done.

Being the true professional he is, Harvey quickly raced to the stage to correct his mistake. He apologized, then explained his mistake, blaming it on human error. Which is completely understandable, and I commend him for handling the situation with honesty and grace. He then announced Miss Philippines as the winner of the competition, which led to an extremely uncomfortable moment where they had to take the crown from Colombia.

For reference, here is the card which he misread during crowing.


The internet is unforgiving, however, and hasn't let up since that cringe-worthy moment. Steve held a brief Q&A with media members to reiterate exactly what happened. Here's the video from that conference.    

Steve Harvey Explains How He Made The Mistake at The Miss Univ...WATCH: Steve Harvey explains how he made the UNFORGETTABLE mistake at the Miss Universe pageant. It was clearly an honest mistake. He did the right thing by taking full ownership of his mistake rather than blaming it on a technical glitch.

Posted by Official Misee Harris on Monday, December 21, 2015