So just about everyday after work for the past six years or so, I make a run for the border and grab two bean burritos. They know me by name at my local taco shop. They usually have my order ready when I show up.

But the other day I threw them and my taste buds a curve ball. My wild idea? What would happen if I took a bean burrito and put it inside a Locos Taco Shell.

At first I thought I would tell them that I want beans instead of beef in the taco shell, but I ruled that out as the beans would drip all over the place -- unlike beef that kind of stays put.

Here's what I came up with:

Step 1: Order cool ranch (or nacho cheese) locos taco shell (along with burritos)

Step 2: Put bean burrito inside taco shell

Step 3: Eat it

So, how did it taste?

Sure, I could just order a taco like everybody else, but why mess up a good thing?