Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight has been hospitalized after being shot by an unknown gunman at a West Hollywood nightclub early Sunday.

Knight, formerly one of the most feared figures in hip-hop, was at a pre-2014 MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by Chris Brown at the 10AK club when shots rang out, hitting Knight and two other patrons, police told E! News.

"You could hear the gunshots very clearly," one witness said. "The entire club hit the ground and people were being escorted out with their hands up. Chris' entourage covered him up pretty quickly and were pushing him out the door to get out. I did not see the gunshots but saw Suge Knight walking out and getting into the police car.  Obviously the whole place was pretty shaken up."

Knight was taken to a nearby hospital where he is in stable condition. It is unknown if Knight was the intended target of the shooter, who remains at large. So far, no arrests have been made.