When you think summer, you think bright colors and free flowing fabrics. The best place to find your summer fashion is at Favorite Sisters' Boutique.

In the past I have always struggled finding clothes. I remember countless trips to the store that would leave me in tears because nothing fit. That has all changed now, thanks to Favorite Sisters' Boutique.

Before you dismiss me, let me explain that Favorite Sisters' Boutique is not your typical boutique. They have sizes to fit any body type and their prices are reasonable. Just how reasonable? Every item in the store is under $50. Unless you check out their "Spoiled Sisters" wall.

And FSB has everything you need to stay cool this summer. Like light, flowing fabrics. Last week, I got this beautiful blue dress in my "Style Box."

Photo Courtesy of Jess

I wore it over Fourth of July weekend and it was the perfect outfit for this Louisiana heat. I also love that it is a bold pop of color for the summer. I'm also obsessed with my other pieces from FSB.

Photo Courtesy of Jess

The skirt is flirty and fun. I can dress it up or dress it down, depending on if I am headed to work or just to brunch with some girlfriends. And I can't get enough of that yellow jacket. I wore it on date night with my hubby and he actually said, "Wow, new jacket?" And ladies, you know how hard it is to get your man to notice anything.

Make sure you sign up for their "Style Box." Once you do, the ladies at FSB will send you outfits right to your door each month. It's a hand-picked outfit customized to your particular style.

Now I don't get my next "Style Box" until August, so I am due for another trip to FSB. I'm thinking I'm going to try a romper.  You can find FSB on Youree Drive in Shreveport or online at FavoriteSisters.com. And when you snap those pics of you in your super cute outfits, make sure you use the hashtag, #FSB.

Photo Courtesy of Favorite Sisters' Boutique

Favorite Sisters’ Boutique offers quality clothing in all sizes. They specialize in one-of-a-kind items that will fit anyone’s taste. Each item in the store is also reasonably priced with the majority of items priced at $50 and under. Register for their Style Box and have customized outfits sent right to your door. Visit Favorite Sisters’ Boutique on Youree Drive in Shreveport or online at FavoriteSisters.com. You can also find Favorite Sisters’ Boutique on Facebook and Twitter.